With this blog I would like to share my knowledge and help those who wish to venture into the exciting world of Start-ups sharing the investor’s perspective and communicating the best practices of entrepreneurship emphasizing in the process of raising capital and Start-ups management. .
My profile is based on a particular combination of entrepreneurial and professional experience in finance. In 2011 I co-founded NXTP Labs, the most active investor Latin America, in which I work as Managing Director & CFO.
NXTP Labs has already invested in more than 150 companies and plans to complete a portfolio of 300 companies in the region, generating a great impact on the entrepreneurial community for his contribution as a fertile ecosystem for technological innovation.

During 2013, and after a year of due diligence & integrity check process, the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) has invested the sum of USD 5 million in NXTP LAbs, and interact as lead Investor in our Investment Fund USD 60 million. It is an honor for me to be an IDB Fund Manager.

Being ENDEAVOR Entrepreneur since 2007, I have applied the best practices of high-impact companies. My performance as Co-Founder and CFO of Archpartners was awarded by an international panel of Endeavor Foundation.
Additionally, I have actively participated as a member of the Advisory Board on a wide range of regional projects such as Social Metrix, Cuponica, Nextperience, OK-Compra, I-Solution, V-Commex, and others. At the same, I have contributed to the development of successful business plans, investment rounds, expansion programs, mergers and acquisitions.

In 1999 I studied Corporate Finance at The University of California at Berkeley. This experience was really important not only for the academic preparation, but also for the discovery of the fabulous entrepreneurial tech-ecosystem living in the Bay Area. Before this I graduated from the University of Buenos Aires as Certified Public Accountant, and developed a corporate career of eight years in large corporations in the different traditional industries such as mining, petrochemical and agricultural business.