NXTP Labs is a Harvard Case Study

Posteado el 30/06/2015 / por Francisco Coronel / business cases

This week, we´re spreading the word that NXTP Labs was selected as a Harvard Case Study.  We feel we have won the “Oscar” in the business category.  This recognition is the result of 4 years of hard work in which we have proven that we could be the leading accelerator in Latin America.  The remarkable innovation of our model is that we invest with an acceleration program that provides a lot of help to companies in order to validate their business models, expand and obtain financing for these reasons.  What is addressed in the Harvard Case, is that we are finding ourselves with a “Happy Problem,” that more than 70% of companies that we have invested in have obtained 3rd party capital in order to expand operations, and the mortality rate is less than 8%, compared to the expected rate of 55% in the theoretical model. I is a welcome recognition!

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